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Playthrough and cashable bonus

What is a "playthrough"

Play-through is exactly the same concept as "wager requirement":it consist in a certain amount of bets/ hands to do before the players can be able to cashout the winnings.
But we ask: when play-through is satisfied and wager requirements reached, the bonus is cashable?
We don't have a general solution for this question. It's always better read and understand the casino terms and conditions about all concerning the bonus received.
But we know that: when a bunus is cashable, usually online casinos are proud to promote this aspect of bonus in advertising or in evidence in main casino site. If you can't found any informations on site and you must read the terms and conditions, maybe the bonus is not cashable.
Now it's better to explain how to cash out a bonus with an example.

Exemple: If you have received a 100% Match Bonus of $100 - you have deposited $100 and have a total of $200 in your bankroll to gamble with. If wager requirement are 20x, bonus + deposit amount, the full amount needed to be played through in the casino would be $200 x 20 = $8,000. Granted there are some online casinos that will allow players to cash out portions of the bonus as the wager requirement is steadily met. If you had reached the point of gambling $4,000 of your deposit and bonus money, you would be halfway to the point of meeting the entire wager requirement. Therefore, at a pro-rated value, you should be able to cash out half your bonus ($100) which some casinos will let you do, but at the cost of forfeiting the remainder of your bonus.

It's bonus no purchase required cashable?

No. We don't know for now any online casinos that allow to cash out your bonus no purchase required amount. If you grant the wager requirements you can cash our your winnings (but remember for bonus no purchase required are some maximum limits for winnings without money). But the winning are decreased of value of original bonus without purchase received.

Always read the terms and conditions!

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A simple gambling checklist

1. Set a limit: You should set: (1) the maximum amount you are willing to lose, (2) the point at which you will stop gambling when ahead and (3) the general amount you will bet with each wager.

2. Educate yourself: pick up at least one book or read some good in-depth tutorials on the game before gambling.

3. Don't be scared:If you are scared of losing money, you should not gamble.

Why cashout a bonus is very hard... (sometimes...)

You know, in the life nothing is free. After you received free money by casino, as bonus, you can't cash out them instantly. In return of free money bonus received the casino want that you 'play through' the bonus amount a specified number of times. For example, if you received a $100 bonus, you need to place wagers equivalent to a multiple of that bonus - say 40x. So in order to be able to withdraw your bonus, you must first place bets to the value of $4,000. Some casinos implement this rule to deposit+bonus received, so for exemple if you deposit $100 and receive a bonus of $100, you need to wager 100+100 40x: you must bets to value of $8.000

It's "normal" situation that while you play through the wagering requirement, you start losing money, so that at the end of it you have less money in your bankroll than you started with, or maybe you losed all money before you end the requested playthroug. Naturally some players will win be able to withdraw the full bonus amount plus additional winnings, but statistically they will always be in the minority.

But casino games are funny, and playing a casino must be an enterteinement for gamblers, and it is a business for the casino owners. So casino statisticians carefully calculate the points at which the casino will make as much money as possible, while keeping players happy enough to carry on playing.

We reccomand to read and understand all terms and conditions before start to gamble. It's your money!

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